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SDM Magazine’s State of the Market: Connected Home

The article, which notes that the connected home space in 2017 continued to be very strong for all players; for security dealers, finding their footing in this everchanging market remains a priority in 2018. The article included Control4, Malibu Wired and some interesting data overall: There is growth at all levels of the connected home

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Wireless Multi-Room Audio

TruAudio features Us!

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140 Control4 ‘Certified’ Smart-Home Showrooms Debut – UPDATED

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Malibu Wired Featured Again in CEPro!

Malibu Wired is one of 140 showrooms worldwide that were selected to be Control4 Certified Showrooms. The experience centers showcase audio, video, home-automation, lighting controls, wireless networking, voice control, and big bold Control4 messaging everywhere. The 1,000-square-foot showroom features a long wall on the left as you enter with lighting control and thermostat control hands-on

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CE Pro: (Control4) “140 Control4 ‘Certified’ Smart-Home Showrooms Spring up Overnight”

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