AC Infinity

AC Infinity is focused on bringing the most up-to-date technology into your lifestle. An American company , AC Infinity believes in getting the most value out of the technology you invest in and brining products to market that will save you time. In collaboration with other leading tech companies, AC Infinity works hard create durable, long-lasting designs.

Malibu Wired strives to bring the latest and greatest to our clients. We believe in AC Infinity's products, especially the Closet Fan Systems and Rack Fan Systems. With all of the technology we install, we want to ensure that it is protected (leading to longer life).

AC Infinity systems are designed to cool AV closets/rooms with quiet fan systems. These products are crafted to ensure minimal noise and the nylon mesh filters prevent dust from entering and penetrating your equipment. Malibu Wired also likes the smart programming features that automatically adjust the temperature of your server environment.

Learn more about the AC Infinity Rack Fan Systems and the Closet Fan Systems.

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