3 Perks Lutron Shades Bring to Your Home


The Intersection of Design, Comfort, and Convenience 

At Malibu Wired, we take a design-first approach to smart home technology. That’s why we love and highly recommend Lutron shades to our clients. They’re both functional and aesthetically pleasing and allow you to bring elegance and convenience to your Malibu, CA home. 

The days of manually raising or lowering your shades are gone. Motorized shades from Lutron give you the power to adjust your window treatments with the simple tap of a button on your smartphone or an elegant on-wall keypad. In this blog post, we share three benefits Lutron shades bring to your home. Let’s get started.

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Lutron Brings Style to Your Window Treatments

Youdon’t have to feel limited when it comes to the design and look of your window treatments. Instead of working your interior décor around your window treatments, Lutron gives you the opportunity to work your window treatments around your existing décor. Lutron designs its shades to be beautiful from every angle. 

When it comes to the design of your shades, you have plenty of hardware and fabric options to choose from. Make your design simple yet modern and enjoy their whisper-quiet operation. 

Ultimate Control Over Natural Lighting

One of the most significant benefits of motorized window treatments is their ability to help you make the most of natural sunlight or block it out completely. Lutron shades come with many varieties of light filtering properties—you can even choose blackout shades, perfect for media rooms and bedrooms.

You don’t have to worry about large gaps of light sneaking in when your motorized shades are lowered. Lutron shades have only a half-inch gap or less on both sides of your windows. If you want to block all gaps entirely, layer your roller or roman shades with beautiful drapery or side panels for added texture.

The Ultimate, Uniformed Appearance for Your Home

You want your motorized window treatments to have a clean, uniform appearance that doesn’t bring any clutter to your space. Fortunately, Lutron hides all of its technology within a bracket enclosure ring to maintain a discreet appearance so that you don’t have to work around exposed wires or electronics. Lutron roller shades also keep the fabric clamped withinthe hembar, helping the fabric to remain flat, so no warping or wrinkling occurs. 

Bring the power of Lutron shades to your home and experience a new level of comfort,convenience, and luxury. If you’re ready to get started, get in touch by giving us a call, filling out our online contact form, or sending a messagein the chat box below. We look forward to scheduling you for a free consultation!

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