A Tunable Lighting System Breathes Life into a Home

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Design beautiful and brilliantly lit spaces with Ketra lighting 

When designing a home, lighting is an essential element that is often overlooked. However, the right lighting design and control system impact the aesthetics of a space, giving homeowners the ability to alter the look and feel of their rooms at the tap of a button. 

Instead of using standard lighting in your projects, consider adding a tunable lighting system by Ketra. Ketra is a premier lighting brand that focuses on health, aesthetics, and much more. Read on to discover how Ketra can help you create the ultimate lighting design for your Los Angeles, CA, project. 


A Revolution in the Tunable White Lighting 

If you look at the basic tunable lighting system, it can produce warmer and cooler hues by changing the correlated color temperature of the white lights, ranging between 3000 to 4000 Kelvin. But Ketra goes beyond these ranges. Instead of only mixing two CCTs (Correlated Color Temperatures), Ketra brings you a full-color spectrum of tunable lights, with the CCT ranging between 1400 K to 10,000 K. 

Consequently, it gives you the ability to achieve the ultimate lighting design that produces everything from warm, amber tones to cool, bright blue lights to colorful, festive lighting. And in the middle, countless hues can be reproduced, making Ketra lighting the ultimate solution for residential spaces. 

The CCTs can eliminate all the differences in natural and indoor light by replicating colors and temperatures of daylight. Homeowners can also customize scenes according to their mood and occasion. The color-changing capabilities of tunable lights can breathe life into any scene. 

Wired and Wireless Solutions

The purpose of a smart lighting system is to elevate the home experience, but a system that’s difficult to learn or control will not be appealing to new homeowners. Fortunately, Ketra lighting can be controlled through wired and wireless solutions by pairing it with Lutron. 

Lutron offers some of the most intuitive control systems with smart and stylish wall-mounted keypads with custom buttons that can instantly recreate scenes and switch to circadian lighting mode in an instant. Homeowners can also operate the tunable lights by downloading the Lutron app on their mobile devices. This allows for a more convenient and personalized lighting control experience. 

Unlock the Brilliance of Ketra Lighting

Malibu Wired is a certified dealer of Ketra and can help you implement the tunable lighting system into your projects. We take the design-first approach to ensure all your clients stay satisfied with the results. We also have a showroom where you can experience the benefits of Ketra lighting prior to installation. 

Ready to create the ultimate lighting design? Call us at (323) 656-3474 to book an appointment. You can also reach out to our team of experts by filling out an easy online contact form. 

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