Create Smart Custom Window Treatments With Lutron

A kitchen with Lutron custom window treatments.

Elevate Your Home’s Beauty with Easy Control

Most homeowners know motorized shades and blinds are convenient, but did you know they can be stylish too? Lutron’s shades elevate the beauty of your home while making it easier for you to manage your home. You don’t have to sacrifice style for convenience. In fact, Lutron’s custom window treatments allow you to make unique window coverings that perfectly match your taste and home’s interior design. Check out how Lutron’s products can enhance your home in Beverly Hills, CA.

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5 Benefits of Smart Custom Window Treatments

Stylish eat-in kitchen with custom window treatments.

Style and Design Meet Smart Home Automation with Lutron Shades

You’ve carefully designed everything inside your home, from color palettes to furniture to flooring and more. What’s next? Elevate your home’s design even more with luxury window treatments. Motorized blinds, shades, and drapes, while convenient, may not sound like the most stylish shading solutions. However, Lutron’s shading solutions allow you to customize them to suit your rooms and sense of style.

Here are five benefits Lutron custom window treatments can bring to your Santa Monica, CA home. Keep reading to see how each one adds ambiance and automation to your home.

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4 Custom Window Treatment Ideas for Your Beverly Hills Home


Building or Remodeling? Explore These Powered Window Treatment Options

You may be upgrading to a dream property in Beverly Hills, downsizing to a condo on Wilshire, or perhaps doing an extensive remodel of a beautiful home. No matter the project, you’re likely imagining the window treatments for the spaces. And if you are, you should consider powered options.

Powered window treatments come in many options; you might be surprised by the variety. No matter your objectives, from the aesthetic to the practical, there’s a motorized custom window treatment that will fit your style. Let’s explore four popular options below.


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How Early Should You Plan Your Custom Window Treatments?


Explore the Advantages of Hardwired Powered Window Treatments 

Perhaps you’ve found the perfect home in West Hollywood. Unfortunately, the interior design is stuck in the 80s, when Spago was the "it" restaurant, and Madonna and Michael ruled the charts. Of course, you’re planning an extensive remodel to bring the home’s style into the 21st century.

Choosing new custom window treatments for your California Spanish Colonial will be an exciting part of the project. Since this isn’t the 80s, you’ll have the option of powered window treatments for the ultimate in smart home convenience. But you should plan ahead, as you’ll have more and better options for window treatments as you plan other aspects of your remodel. Keep reading to learn more below!

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8 Ways to Do Custom Window Treatments with Lutron Shading


There’s a Style for Almost Any Window

If you’re considering custom window treatments for your Pacific Palisades home, you've got a huge array of options from which to choose. You may be intrigued by motorized shades and treatments, but you think that might limit your style choices. That may have been true in the past, but no more. Powered custom window treatments from Lutron come in an almost dizzying array of styles, fabrics, and colors. 

Lutron’s stated mission is all about managing light, and automated, motorized shading fits perfectly with the goal of harnessing and managing natural light in the home. Keep reading to learn about eight Lutron window treatment styles you can employ in your Southern California home. 

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