How Ketra Lighting is Different from the Rest

A couple seated on a sofa enjoys the warm glow of Ketra tunable lighting in their living room.

Tunable Lighting is Not All the Same

Not too long ago, you might get a shrug if you asked someone what tunable lighting was. Even if people don't know the term, now most know about Philips Hue and dozens of other LED lights that can vary color temperature and display color. But they might not know that not all tunable lighting is made the same way.

Our tunable lighting solution of choice for our Calabasas, CA clients is Lutron’s Ketra. Ketra was a pioneer in the top tier of this space for both residential and commercial applications, and no one does tunable lighting better. Keep reading to learn more about the Ketra lighting difference!

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Why You Need Ketra Lighting in Your Home


Bring the Power of Natural Light Indoors

The lighting in your home impacts how you feel throughout the day. If your lighting is too bright or harsh, it will throw off the ambiance and comfort levels. That’s why having a smart lighting control system integrated with your automation system in your West Hollywood, CA home is important. 

We highly recommend Ketra lighting to our clients because of its innovative technology. Ketra brings the days of buying a light fixture in a fixed static color to an end. Keep reading to find out how Ketra can bring luxury, convenience, and enhanced lighting to your home.

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Revamp your Beverly Hills home with dynamic Ketra lighting

Ketra, a Lutron company, is known for its smart lighting solutions that can instantly elevate any home. With Ketra’s high-quality, tunable LED lighting, you can illuminate every area of your Beverly Hills space with impressive customization. You’ll also be able to transform your daily routine and special occasions — working, cooking, exercising, entertaining, and more. Most importantly, you’ll be able to recreate natural light indoors to boost your overall wellbeing.

Keep reading to find out how you can experience Ketra lighting in your California home.

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