4 Creative Ways to Use Lutron Lighting Control

Luxury kitchen and dining area in a Santa Monica smart home with Lutron lighting control.

Lutron Scenes Make It Easy to Customize Your Lighting for Any Occasion

When people think of lighting control in environmentally conscious Southern California, they might immediately think of efficiency and energy savings. While that is an excellent benefit of lighting control and a great reason to have it, there’s more to it than that. Lighting control can enhance your home’s look, feel, and convenience. 

Malibu Wired works with Lutron lighting control because they are the leader in the field. One of our favorite features of Lutron lighting is the ability to create scenes, a way to customize your lighting to all the perfect settings for your activities. Keep reading below to learn four ways you can use scenes in your Santa Monica home. 

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Lutron Lighting Control Lets You Manage Lights Your Way


Lutron = Lighting Control Made Easy

Lutron is a company practically synonymous with lighting systems. The company invented the first solid-state dimmer way back in 1959. Since then, they have expanded into almost every aspect of managing and controlling light for residential and commercial applications. Lutron systems are found from the finest residences in Los Angeles to the New York Times Building in Manhattan.

In residential lighting control, no one offers as many options as Lutron. Lutron systems can start with a few rooms to controlling all the lights in a Bel Air compound. Lutron lighting control also offers choices in how you can manage your lighting. Read on below to see several ways Lutron makes lighting control easy.

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How Lighting Control Brings Added Elegance to Your Next Project


Matching the Home’s Décor With Stylish Technology

If you have invested a lot of time and thought into bringing a certain sense of style into a new project, you’re going to want to make sure that your automated lighting system and its fixtures seamlessly blend in with the same kind of sophistication.

An interior designer knows that changing just one aspect of any room can lead to a dramatic change. The quality of light as well as the window treatments, fixtures, and keypads, if not meticulously chosen, can throw off the whole feel of your space.

With lighting technology from a company like Lutron, you can not only choose fashionable lighting fixtures but you can also install ultramodern keypads that can replace inelegant and clumsy light switches.

Our team in Brentwood, CA, has vast experience helping homeowners, designers and architects alike integrate the latest in Lutron lighting control technology with their already comfortable and stylish interiors.

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