Residential Lighting Design: Shedding Light on the Bathroom

Modern luxury bathroom with designer backlit mirror in a Calabasas, CA home.

4 Ideas for Brighter Baths

Is bathroom lighting important? You’ve likely used many a bathroom at home or a hotel and struggled to see clearly. Poorly lit bathrooms are incredibly annoying and difficult to use. It’s not just the lack of light in some, and it’s the overabundance of light in many others. 

Bathrooms serve many needs, from places to get ready for the day to luxuriant places to relax and unwind with large tubs and huge showers with massaging jets. Getting bathroom lighting right is an art at which professional residential lighting designers are skilled. Want to know more about how to illuminate bathrooms the right way in your Calabasas, CA, home? Please keep reading.

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4 Lighting Mistakes Residential Lighting Designers Hate to See


Thoughtful Lighting Design Goes a Long Way

Lighting is probably one of those things that you don’t think about unless there’s something wrong with it. You’ll struggle to read in too-dim light, and you may hate the glare from shiny kitchen countertops with overly bright overhead lighting. If a room might seem "cold," maybe it's the color temperature of the light and not the room.

These are the kinds of details professional residential lighting designers love to work out. Keep reading below to learn how to avoid these ills in your Pacific Palisades, CA home.

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3 Bright Home Office Lighting Ideas from Residential Lighting Designers


Maximize Comfort and Productivity with the Right Illumination

The pandemic of the past two years made working from home the rule rather than the exception for many professionals in all types of roles. While many are returning to their California offices now, a funny thing has happened. While working from home has its challenges, both workers and companies discovered that productivity and effectiveness, rather than waning, continued to thrive. Now, many professionals want to continue working from home at least part of the time.

What does that mean? If you work from home a significant portion of the time, you understand the importance of a distraction-free, comfortable workspace. And one of the critical elements of comfort is light. Good lighting makes for a good workspace, while poor lighting can lead to fatigue and a lack of productivity. Here are three tips recommended by residential lighting designers for a cheery and fruitful home office workspace in your Beverly Hills home.

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How Residential Lighting Designers Make Interiors Shine


Every Home Looks Better in the Right Light

When it comes to home interiors, the right lighting can turn a house into a spectacular residence. Even a home with the best furnishings and design can be let down by poorly executed lighting. Read below for some of the best ideas that residential lighting designers use to make the finest homes in Santa Monica, CA, shine.

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