Control4 Automation Makes Home Life More Manageable


Here Are Three Ways You Can Take Control with Your Automation System

There’s a reason why Control4 is one of the most popular automation systems among homeowners in Brentwood, CA. The company just can’t be beaten when it comes to home automation systems that easily integrate with thousands of smart devices on the market. 

In this blog post, we’re diving into three of the many ways that you can use your Control4 automation system to take your home experience to the next level of comfort and convenience. Keep reading to get started.

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Take Home Security to the Next Level

Your property is home to your loved ones and valuable belongings. Control4 makes controlling your home’s security easier than ever. Adding smart security devices to your home automation system keeps intruders out and even alerts you of fires and water leaks, too. Open the Control4 app on your smartphone from anywhere in the world to check in on real-time footage from your smart surveillance cameras, activate your alarm system, lock your smart locks, and even see who’s at your front door. 

Control4 keeps you informed of any suspicious activity the second an alarm is triggered so that you can take the necessary steps to secure your property again. Even the local authorities will be alerted!

Control Your Outdoor Entertainment Area

With all the extra time you’ve been spending at home, your outdoor entertainment area is your secret weapon to avoid going stir crazy. Control4 makes enjoying your favorite music, television shows, movies, and even the big game outside convenient and easy.

Pick an upbeat playlist right from your phone and enjoy high-quality sound through outdoor speakers placed throughout your backyard. You can even control your outdoor lighting levels through the Control4 smartphone app so you can turn your patio lighting on without getting up from your spot by the pool or the fire pit.

Master the Perfect Bedtime Routine

Smart home technology is meant to make your home experience more comfortable—and that includes sleeping well at night. You can use your Control4 home automation system to create “scenes” that promote rest and relaxation in your bedroom. This includes strategic control of lighting, climate, shades, and even music!

You can program your lights to dim and shades to lower at the same time every evening to keep you on a consistent bedtime routine without having to think about it. You can even set your smart thermostat to cool your home to the perfect temperature when it’s time to drift off to sleep.


There’s a never-ending list of ways for you to use your Control4 system. If you’re ready to bring the power of Control4 into your home, the Malibu Wired team is prepared to help. Get in touch by giving us a call, filling out our online contact form, or chatting with an expert below. We look forward to scheduling you for a no-obligation consultation!

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