What To Look for in a Smart Home Consultant

Luxury kitchen and living area in a Beverly Hills smart home.

Make Sure A Pro Does Your Smart Home

Don’t you want an expert when it comes to enhancing your home? For electrical work, you get an electrician. For plumbing, you want a plumber. For your Beverly Hills, CA home, you want a smart home consultant. Don’t settle for anything less than a pro for home automation!

You may find that many people call themselves smart home experts, but you should be careful and do your own research. Here's what you'll want to know before hiring a smart home consultant. 

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Control4 Smart Home OS 3 Latest Release

The new Core OS 3 color wheel feature.

Announcing OS 3.3.0 Life in Color

Smart home technology is ever-advancing with new hardware, software, and better UI designs. The goal is to make the lives of homeowners more luxurious, seamless, and set apart - better than it was last year!

Control4 has always been a premium, personalized home automation system that integrates thousands of third-party smart home technologies, allowing you to enjoy complete control of your entire home from one platform. With the latest OS 3 updates and new CORE Series controllers, Control4 is bringing a new level of luxury to smart homes. Keep reading to see how Malibu Wired, your Control4 installer in Beverly Hills, CA, can take your smart home experience to new heights.

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Do You Need an Insteon Replacement for Your Smart Home?

Control4 keypad mounted on a wall with sophisticated furnishings and lighting in the background

Malibu Wired Offers Reliable, Time-Tested Home Automation That Won't Leave You In The Dark

A smart home furnishes you with the power to shape your environment to suit your needs and desires. When done right, the intuitive interfaces revamp your spaces into a complete ecosystem, providing the perfect level of comfort and convenience. All these things are possible when you invest in a reliable platform that continues to innovate and won't let you down or leave you with an unresponsive system.

A lot of Insteon users found this out the hard way in the past week. After going out of business, the company shut off its servers last week—suddenly leaving all its users without the ability to control their systems. If you woke up recently to find your Los Angeles, CA home in the dark, the team at Malibu Wired can get you up and running with expert Insteon replacement products and services.

We’ll help you upgrade your smart home with expert solutions from our partners at Lutron and Control4. Find out what these companies have to offer and why they are a trustworthy alternative!

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3 Smart Home Trends to Watch in 2022


Your Smart Home Can Get Smarter Still

We all know that technology never takes a step backward (at least so far), and nowhere is the pace of innovation more evident than in smart home automation. As the recently concluded CES technology summit demonstrated, smart home technology is permeating everything – even smart toilets. 

As a premier smart home consultant in the Calabasas and Los Angeles area, we like to stay on top of the latest trends. Smart toilets may be a thing, but we’ve put together the three megatrends that we believe are driving home automation forward in 2022. Please stay with us below!

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Control4 Lets You Control Your Smart Home Your Way


From Buttons to Voice, It’s All Your Choice

Does Sinatra’s “My Way” resonate with you? Do you like the power and flexibility of choice? If you’re also interested in smart home automation, then you might be interested in the rest of this blog. 

Some smart home solutions want to give you one way of doing things. Many can only harness their full power with an app on a smart device. Who wants to be tied down to one way of doing things? Control4 is a smart home company that gets it. Control4 is the home automation system that lets you manage your home your way. From touch screens to real buttons to the sound of your voice, the smart home consultants at Malibu Wired will have you directing your Beverly Hills smart home your way – just like Sinatra! It won't be “California Dreamin’” when you keep reading below – you can do it your way.

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Create a Soundtrack for Every Mood with Whole-House Audio


Play Music Anywhere and Everywhere with the Touch of a Button

Music is a key ingredient in nearly every activity at home. It drives the energy for parties, soothes us in the evening, keeps us focused while working, and eases the monotony of everyday tasks. Such an important tool shouldn’t be bound to one room of the house!

Take high-fidelity music everywhere you go with a whole-house audio system by Control4, which lets you play your favorite tunes in any and every room using just one controller—or even your voice. Below, discover the magic of whole-house audio and the value it can add to your lifestyle in Malibu, CA.

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How Can Josh.ai Enhance Your Smart Home Experience?


Discover the Magic of Josh.ai Paired with Control4 Home Automation

A robust home automation system like Control4 is the backbone of your smart home. It offers a personalized and unified platform from which to control and automate all your smart home devices, including lights, window shades, thermostats, music, security cameras, door locks, and more.

While a Control4 smart home installation is magical by itself, you can elevate that experience even more with the addition of Josh.ai. A privacy-focused industry leader in voice control, Josh.ai revolutionizes the way you interact with your Bel Air, CA smart home through natural voice commands.

Below, learn what you can do with Josh.ai when you pair it with your Control4 smart home system.

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Control4 Automation Makes Home Life More Manageable


Here Are Three Ways You Can Take Control with Your Automation System

There’s a reason why Control4 is one of the most popular automation systems among homeowners in Brentwood, CA. The company just can’t be beaten when it comes to home automation systems that easily integrate with thousands of smart devices on the market. 

In this blog post, we’re diving into three of the many ways that you can use your Control4 automation system to take your home experience to the next level of comfort and convenience. Keep reading to get started.

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Control4: The Ultimate Choice in Smart Home Automation


What Smart Home Automation Can Do for You

Since the early 2000s, long before the current revolution in smart home automation, Control4 was creating the technology and networks that set the groundwork for integrating all your home’s systems.

Their smart home networks and devices can currently be found in over half a million homes across the planet. Control4 offers a platform that allows you to access all your lighting systems, TVs, whole-home audio systems, home theaters, HVAC systems, and in-home security systems.

There are always updates in today’s home technology, and since Control4 has always been at the forefront of the automation industry, you’ll be sure that your systems will have all the latest innovations. Control4 is compatible with some 35,000 different devices.

Our clients in Malibu, CA have found using Control4’s operating system from a single device, like a tablet, smartphone, or an interface mounted to the wall, has made their busy lives way less complicated.

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