Why You Need Ketra Lighting in Your Home


Bring the Power of Natural Light Indoors

The lighting in your home impacts how you feel throughout the day. If your lighting is too bright or harsh, it will throw off the ambiance and comfort levels. That’s why having a smart lighting control system integrated with your automation system in your West Hollywood, CA home is important. 

We highly recommend Ketra lighting to our clients because of its innovative technology. Ketra brings the days of buying a light fixture in a fixed static color to an end. Keep reading to find out how Ketra can bring luxury, convenience, and enhanced lighting to your home.

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Reap the Benefits of Natural Lighting Inside Your Home

Did you know that the lighting in your home has an impact on your wellness? If the lighting in your home is too harsh, you may find yourself dealing with frequent headaches. Fortunately, Ketra creates solutions that make bringing natural light indoors not only possible but simple. 

Ketra lighting fixtures allow your lighting system to mimic the changing intensity and color temperature of daylight to support your natural circadian rhythm. Start your morning with soft, warm lighting, and then enjoy cool lighting in your home office to maximize your energy and productivity. While unwinding for the night, dim your lights to an orange glow. 

Illuminate the Beauty of Your Home

You’ve worked hard to make your home a space you’re proud of. Don’t let bad lighting kill the atmosphere. Because Ketra lights are tunable, they give you even more options for varying the lights in your home. Dim the lights in your media room or home theater to a warm setting to create the perfect ambiance for watching your favorite media. Highlight the outdoor perimeter of your residence with hues that bring out the beauty of your home—lighting control and smart home automation make it easy. 

What Makes Ketra Different?

What makes Ketra lights stand out in the crowd is that the fixtures generate white light differently. Ketra fixtures combine saturated blue, green, and red light sources within a phosphor-converted white LED, allowing for the tunable features mentioned above. We love recommending Ketra to homeowners and business owners because Ketra’s innovative lighting technology creates natural light for indoor spaces. 

Are you ready to transform the lighting in your home and reap the benefits Ketra has to offer? The Malibu Wired team is prepared to get you started. Get in touch by giving us a call, filling out our online contact form, or chatting with an expert below to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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