Kanan Dume

Kanan Dume Rd, Malibu, CA 90265

Turning Ashes to Innovation

Following the unfortunate fires in Malibu, a residence on Kanan Dume Dr was not just reconstructed—it was reimagined. With the meticulous involvement of Crane & Co., Inc., who brought over two decades of expertise in top-tier residential construction and remodeling, this project was elevated to an exemplar of smart home innovation.

Lighting at Its Finest
  • Control4 Lighting Control: With the wireless Control4 lighting control, homeowners are now gifted with the power to customize their ambiance in the palm of their hands. Whether it's for a cozy evening or a sun-drenched morning, the right mood is just a tap away. 
  • Lutron Roller Shades: These integrated wired roller shades are the epitome of luxury and function. With the installation help from other vendors these shades were integrated by Malibu Wired. Whether you're in Beverly Hills seeking a Lutron certified installer or you're after Lutron shades in Malibu, this project stands as a testament to Lutron's impeccable integration.
Redefining Home Security & Communication
  • Doorbird Video Intercom: In this project, the homeowners were equipped with Doorbird's top-tier video intercom system, ensuring crystal-clear communication with guests.

  • Luma Cameras & Gate Control: Surveillance and access control saw an upgrade with Luma cameras. The home's boundaries were reinforced, and with the smart gate control system, homeowners can monitor and grant access with unparalleled ease.

Entertainment & Sound
  • Sonos-Powered Audio Distribution: An audio experience powered by the iconic SONOS system ensures every beat, dialogue, and note is heard with clarity. Whether you’re an audio consultant in West Hollywood or Calabasas, this system's brilliance is unmistakable.
Seamless Collaboration with Trusted Brands

From Control4 to WallSmart, TruAudio to Araknis, every element of this project resonated with quality. With Control4's reputation, it's no wonder that many search for the best Control4 systems in Beverly Hills or the services of a Control4 dealer in Hollywood Hills. Similarly, the project's lighting solutions further establish why many seek Lutron lighting in Beverly Hills and beyond.

Next Steps for Your Dream Home

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