Improve Wellness at Home with Ketra Lighting

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Personalize lighting scenes and elevate comfort with a human-centric lighting system

With so many advancements in technology, smart lighting systems now have capabilities that go far beyond illumination. In fact, human-centric lighting improves wellness at home. Besides customizing scenes for various activities, you can use tunable lighting to improve alertness during the day and a restful sleep. 

While many brands offer such advanced features, few compare to the functionality of Ketra lighting. With a Ketra system in your home, you’ll notice the difference in your well-being, comfort, and so much more. Read on to discover how lighting solutions by Ketra can elevate your lifestyle at your Beverly Hills, CA, home. 

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Human-Centric Lighting with Color- and Temperature-Changing Capabilities

There was a time when human-centric lighting was only used in office spaces, because it reduced eye strain and promoted a healthy, well-lit work environment. But Ketra imparts the same functionality to homes by bringing the power of natural sunlight indoors. 

When your body is exposed to sunlight, certain biological systems begin to activate. Sunlight in the morning and afternoon produces serotonin that helps you feel active throughout the day. As the color and brightness of the sun changes at the close of day, your body begins to produce melatonin, a hormone that helps you feel relaxed and ready for sleep. 

Installing Ketra’s human-centric lighting system creates the same effects. The lights change hues, with cool whites in the morning that eventually shift to warm amber tones in the evening. But besides changing the colors, the correlated color temperatures (CCTs) also change to match that of natural daylight. The changing temperatures stimulate the body’s circadian rhythm, which helps improve sleep patterns and productivity. 

Custom Scenes in Every Room 

Ordinarily, a single light source produces only one color. But that’s not the case with Ketra. You can experiment with endless colors to customize scenes in every room according to your routine and preference. 

For instance, when you are working in the home office or performing daily chores, use cool white light. On the other hand, when you want to relax, the lights can become dimmer with amber tones. But as the colors change, so does the CCT. This not only changes the scenes but also creates an environment you desire. 

Hassle-Free Operation with Convenient Control Options

Another excellent feature of the smart lighting system by Ketra is that it offers hassle-free operation. With the press of a button, you can easily operate the lighting system, whether you want to turn the lights on/off or change colors. The entire system can be connected to a convenient, user-friendly interface, which may be a touch-screen panel, remote, or even a mobile device. 

Experience the difference of Ketra lighting in your home by working with Malibu Wired. We also have a Ketra demo at our showroom where you can experience human-centric lighting first-hand prior to installation. Give us a call at (800) 417-5700 to get started on your project. You can also connect with our team by filling out an easy online contact form. 

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