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Excellence for Elevating Homes

As a distinguished Lutron Diamond Dealer, Malibu Wired takes pride in bringing you the finest in smart home solutions.

Like a dimmer for the sun. Weave whisper-quiet privacy, UV protection, and a choice between hundreds of premium textiles into the Lutron light control system.
Crafted with authentic materials that bare the marks of artisanship. Engineered to be powerfully simple to use.​
Ketra’s innovative human-centric lighting technology is bringing high quality, natural LED lighting solutions to homes and workplaces.

Immerse yourself in Lutron Luxury.

Prepare to be enchanted as we introduce you to the world of Lutron. From the whisper-quiet precision of Palladiom Shades to the intuitive control of HomeWorks and the artistic brilliance of Ketra lighting, each Lutron product is a masterpiece. Malibu Wired ensures that your home isn’t just automated; it’s a symphony of technology, design, and personalized luxury.