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Lighting is probably one of those things that you don’t think about unless there’s something wrong with it. You’ll struggle to read in too-dim light, and you may hate the glare from shiny kitchen countertops with overly bright overhead lighting. If a room might seem “cold,” maybe it’s the color temperature of the light and not the room.

These are the kinds of details professional residential lighting designers love to work out. Keep reading below to learn how to avoid these ills in your Pacific Palisades, CA home.

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Too many spaces are specified as overly bright overhead lighting, and it can cause glare from shiny countertops, TV screens, and flooring. The solution? Dimmers can help, but it’s better to have an even spread of lighting sources throughout the room or space. The combination of lighting will vary based on room layout, windows, window treatments, ceiling heights, and colors and finishes used.


Lighting needs to fit the uses and needs of a space. Often bathrooms have dimly lit showers and glaring lights over a mirror, or sometimes simply not enough light sources at all. Some living areas suffer from dark corners, and some areas are too bright with glare. Layered lighting is a technique that lighting designers use to create a lighting plan that offers a balanced approach to lighting for both function and aesthetics.


Too much light and too little light are both fatiguing depending on what you need to do. Even natural light can be fatiguing when it’s too bright. Two smart technology solutions come to the rescue in motorized shades and tunable lighting. Motorized shading can effortlessly control natural light, limiting incoming sunlight when necessary but still harnessing its benefits. Tunable lighting helps to manage the color temperature of white light, creating both aesthetically pleasing and more natural illumination that helps maintain natural human body rhythms.


Lighting needs to be easily adaptable to the task at hand. The lighting needs for preparing a meal in the kitchen, reading a book in a comfortable chair, or relaxing with a movie or TV show are quite different. This is where flexible and precise lighting control and layered lighting come in. When you have flexible lighting with the right coverage and easy and accurate control, you can have the perfect environment for any activity. Lighting control systems can create one-touch, no-fuss preset scenes for ideal illumination for work, play, entertaining, or relaxing.

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