5 Benefits of Smart Custom Window Treatments

Stylish eat-in kitchen with custom window treatments.

Style and Design Meet Smart Home Automation with Lutron Shades

You’ve carefully designed everything inside your home, from color palettes to furniture to flooring and more. What’s next? Elevate your home’s design even more with luxury window treatments. Motorized blinds, shades, and drapes, while convenient, may not sound like the most stylish shading solutions. However, Lutron’s shading solutions allow you to customize them to suit your rooms and sense of style.

Here are five benefits Lutron custom window treatments can bring to your Santa Monica, CA home. Keep reading to see how each one adds ambiance and automation to your home.

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1. Luxurious Designs

Don’t compromise on style for convenience. Lutron has hundreds of fabric options available. Once you decide the type of shades you want in a room, select the color, fabric, pattern, and how much light you want to let in. In addition to the shades’ fabric, you can also choose the style and finish of the wall plate controller. So no matter your home’s style, Lutron has options that will enrich your interior design. 

2. Natural Light Benefits

It’s well-known that exposure to natural light has numerous health benefits. Lutron shading integrates with Lutron lighting solutions to regulate your home’s exposure to natural light. For example, when the sun is bright, your shades can automatically open your windows and decrease the use of artificial light, so you can soak in the sun’s rays. When night is falling, or the sun gets too hot, your shades can close, and Lutron will light your home with their innovative artificial lighting.

3. Complete Automation

Sync Lutron’s shading solutions with your smart home automation platform like Control4, and you’ll be able to automate when your shades open and close. Want to wake up with open shades and sunlight? With Lutron automation, that’s completely doable. Just program the scene, and you can wake up to open shades daily without lifting a finger.

4. Increased Security and Privacy

Close all the shades at the touch of a button for increased privacy whenever you need it. You can even open and close your blinds remotely. This makes it look like somebody’s home even when you’re not, which can lead to your house not being targeted for break-ins and vandalism. 

5. Environmentally Friendly

Another added benefit: Lutron shades can even decrease your carbon footprint. Lutron senses when your home can use natural light instead of artificial light and when the sun is getting too hot, affecting your cooling system. By opening and closing your shades accordingly, Lutron saves you money on your electricity bill and decreases your home’s overall electricity usage. 

With Lutron, custom window treatments are not only convenient, but they elevate the design of any home while also offering numerous cost-saving and security benefits. To get started adding Lutron window treatments to your Santa Monica, CA, home, contact Malibu Wired today

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