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What Makes VSSL Different? Our Home Audio Consultants Tell All

A few years ago, a small group of music enthusiasts realized how difficult it was to find a straightforward, universal connected amplifier that made it easy to play music anywhere in the home, from any source. So, they decided to create their own. In 2017, the first VSSL multiroom amp was born.

As the company says, VSSL lets you “set your music free” by streaming all your favorite tunes to all the wired speakers in your Beverly Hills, CA home. If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to stream music wirelessly to any and every room, then the home audio consultants at Malibu Wired recommend VSSL.

Keep reading to learn the features of VSSL and how it stands apart from other popular competitors!

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Bring the Convenience of Streaming to Wired Speakers

Like we mentioned, VSSL is a premier connected amplifier for all the wired speakers in your home. A VSSL amplifier brings big sound to all your in-ceiling and other wired speakers so you can play music anywhere over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and control everything from your smartphone.

What’s more, VSSL can also serve as a network audio player so you can bring the convenience of streaming to your existing hi-fi system. And while you’ll likely use streaming services, you can also connect analog and digital sources to your VSSL amp to enjoy vinyl or CDs throughout your home.

Connect to the Music Apps You Already Know

VSSL is known for its Native Streaming feature, which lets you use your favorite music apps without the need for a third-party app. Connect your speakers to the music apps you already know and love! Native Streaming is integrated into your smartphone via Apple Airplay 2, Chromecast, and Spotify Connect.

VSSL is easy to use for the whole family. You don’t need to read a complicated manual or be tech-savvy. In fact, VSSL doesn’t even require an account login. All you need is an internet connection, and anyone can play music. Play the same song everywhere, or different songs in different zones simultaneously.

“Ok Google, Play Jazz on the Patio”

Controlling your smart home is easier with voice control, including your music. VSSL partners with Google to bring seamless voice control to your VSSL home audio system through Google Assistant. While it doesn’t yet work natively with Amazon or Josh.ai, keep your eyes peeled for future integrations.

What About the Other Guy?

You might be wondering, how does VSSL stack up to Sonos? After all, Sonos also offers a wireless streaming amplifier that connects everything to your wired speakers or existing hi-fi systems. Let’s list out a few key differentiators below:

  • Sonos requires that you use its proprietary app for most of your music streaming services if you have an Android phone. While you can still stream Spotify natively through Spotify Connect, Apple Airplay 2 is only available on iOS devices, and Sonos doesn’t yet support Chromecast.
  • Sonos Amp only powers one zone (up to four channels). So, if you want to stream music to multiple zones of your home, you’ll need to purchase a Sonos Amp for every zone. On the other hand, VSSL offers a three-zone amplifier and a six-zone amplifier, which are more cost-effective for big homes.
  • While Sonos Amp is impressively powerful, it has the tendency to highlight the high and mid frequencies of your audio if you don’t take good care in selecting the speakers you use with it. Meanwhile, VSSL arguably offers a more natural, balanced soundstage.
  • Lastly, Sonos Amp is notorious for being out of stock. VSSL amplifiers are more readily available, so you can enjoy your wireless music system faster! Don’t wait around for Sonos Amp to hit the shelves again. Make your music shine your way with VSSL.

Interested in bringing VSSL to your home? Contact our audio experts to get started! To book a free consultation, fill out our contact form or chat with us below. We look forward to working with you.

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