The Benchmark of Lighting Control

Lutron is the leading provider of perfectly tailored lighting and shade solutions for any size home or business.

Light Without Limits

Beautiful, tunable, and customizable, Ketra is a revolution in LED lighting. Built from scratch and boasting dozens of patented innovations, our advanced system opens up a whole new world for today’s designers —and supports how humans experience indoor environments in the modern age.

From a single source, drench your space in the widest range of pristine whites and vibrant colors available anywhere—from 1,400K to 10,000K—and dial them in with pinpoint precision.

The Art of Lighting

Inspired by the intersection of art, nature, and science, artist Dustin Yellin is perhaps best known for his "Psychogrographies" series: three-dimensional “paintings” encased in glass that have been exhibited all over the world. It's been historically difficult to present these works, in part because of the greenish tint of the tempered glass. Now, Yellin Studios reveals the nuance and fine details of each piece with Ketra lighting – with unique tunability and precision to realize the artist’s specific vision for each piece.

Experience Natural Light For Better Living

Retrofit | New Construction | Accent Lighting

Our bodies are tuned to the color and brightness of the sun throughout the day. Ketra’s full spectrum, tunable lighting solutions mimic the sun’s brightness and color temperature resulting in improved health, wellness and home aesthetics.

See and Feel the Difference

Experience the Best Light for Your Life

Five Ways to Transform Your Space With Ketra

Play the video for a guided walkthrough of Ketra’s dynamic lighting capabilities

Natural Light

The light shifts with the sun throughout the day, dissolving the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

Simple Elegance

Elegance meets ease. Set the mood with stunning scenes that engage and inspire at the touch of a button.

Flexible & Timeless

Flexible lighting solutions to fit any mood or moment and evolve with your space.

Ketra’s Natural Light Solution

The key to Ketra’s Natural Light solution is the patented technology that allows us to shift in color temperature and intensity across a dynamic, near-infinite spectrum of correlated color temperatures. Your interior could bask in the blue glow of dawn—or simmer in the golden intensity of dusk. Thanks to our custom chip and emitter design, the power to create these colors—and every other color in between—are harnessed at your fingertips.

Similarly, all other components that define natural light are at your control as well. By designing our light to be tuned along the blackbody radiation curve, we have brought LEDs up to the natural light standards set by incandescents—and then fully surpassed them. LEDs can now do more than incandescents ever could, without sacrificing quality. 

Other manufacturers that claim to offer a natural light option require extra technical work to set up and customize that lighting to fit your lifestyle and precise location. With Ketra, that functionality is built-in and pre-programmed based on information from a geolocator that makes sure that your natural light inside matches the natural light outside. 

Ketra’s Natural Light brings new possibilities that redefine the limits of lighting design.

Experience The Power of Ketra

Explore the control and customization of Ketra by selecting a scene
  • Dimmers & Switchers
    Personalize your lighting with sleek, wall-mounted wired and wireless controls that replace standard switches for tailored convenience.
  • Dynamic Spectrum Lighting
    Precisely tune the amount of energy across the visible spectrum to produce Natural Light, Natural Dimming and Vibrancy.
  • Window Treatments
    Manage daylight and privacy with your choice of Lutron automated shades, blinds and drapes that adjust at your command while enhancing your décor.
  • Temperature Control
    Adjust and automate the temperature throughout your home with Lutron’s intuitive thermostats, keypads, sensors or Home Control+ app.
  • Keypads
    Control and elegance collide with beautifully designed wired and wireless architectural keypads offered in a variety of faceplates, colors, finishes and engraving options.
  • Sensors
    Celebrate energy efficiency with wall- and ceiling-mounted occupancy/vacancy sensors that activate lighting in any space only when it’s needed.

    Sometimes seeing is believing.

    Book a personal tour to see for yourself how Lutron and Ketra are reinventing the way we experience light, celebrating it as part of the design palette, and offering designers unbridled creative freedom.

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