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Home automation systems might seem like they’re all alike. They can help control and automate lighting, interior climate, entertainment, motorized window treatments, security, and more. They offer controls through wall-mounted keypads, remote controls, touchscreens, and apps. The apps might not look remarkably different either. So what’s the difference?

There are differences, and they go beyond pricing. The differences may sometimes be subtle, but they may be important to how you want to interact with your smart home in Beverly Hills, CA. Below, Let’s explore three ways a Control4 home automation system differentiates itself from other solutions.

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The way you interact with your smart home system is important. It might be the most important aspect, all things being equal. For example, you may only like to use a touchscreen for some things. When accessing your entertainment, you may want a more traditional remote with real buttons for often used things like volume, track skipping, and navigation. Control4 systems have a variety of AV-style remote controls available, including the Neeo, which blends real buttons with a sharp touchscreen for more extensive navigation and features.

There’s another welcome feature in Control4 that’s not often discussed – the TV interface. Sometimes, if you’re watching something on the TV, it’s easier to use a remote and your screen to get to something quickly. For example, if your doorbell rings, you can instantly call up a view from your video doorbell of your visitor right on the TV. From there, you can screen them and act accordingly.


One of the key things in a home automation system is the ecosystem. Is the system compatible with many devices, or are there just a few choices? Can you pick from various smart lock brands, window shading, security cameras, and other features? This can make a big difference in choosing the right smart home features that fit your lifestyle. A Control4 system has the largest ecosystem in home automation, compatible with thousands of devices. You won’t find yourself limited to one motorized shading vendor or just Control4’s own lighting control solution – you’ll have many options.


One of the most powerful features of home automation systems is the ability to remotely monitor and control your house functions like security, lighting, shading, and climate control. Most systems do a good job in this area, but Control4 offers an extra feature that many homeowners find invaluable. Control4 touchscreens have camera and microphone capabilities built-in, and the Intercom software gives homeowners a window into any room from anywhere with an internet connection. You can check in on kids, pets, and just your house through a convenient app on your smartphone or tablet.

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