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Most homeowners know motorized shades and blinds are convenient, but did you know they can be stylish too? Lutron’s shades elevate the beauty of your home while making it easier for you to manage your home. You don’t have to sacrifice style for convenience. In fact, Lutron’s custom window treatments allow you to make unique window coverings that perfectly match your taste and home’s interior design. Check out how Lutron’s products can enhance your home in Beverly Hills, CA.

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When you purchase Lutron shades, you aren’t buying the same product as everyone else. Instead, you get to decide every detail about your window treatment. This way, you get a custom product that matches each room.

First, you’ll decide what kind of window treatment you want. Lutron has everything from drapery to wood blinds and roller shades to honeycomb shades. No matter what you prefer, Lutron has an option for you. Then you can pick fabric type, color, and opacity.

Lutron offers sheer fabrics that help protect your home from UV rays but still allow a view as well. There are also less transparent fabrics, up to blackout shades which completely prevent light from entering a space. Some systems even allow these to be layered so that you can have your sheer blinds in the morning and blackout fabric at night for privacy and light protection. You can customize every detail down to the finish of the wall keypad that controls your shades.


Your Lutron shades will undoubtedly make your home more beautiful, but they will also make it much easier to open and close your window treatments. Even better, there are multiple ways you can control your blinds. You can use a wall keypad, remote, or the Lutron HomeWorks app. If you have a home automation platform like Control4 or, you can integrate your shading system to control them from the same dashboard as the rest of your smart technology.

By downloading the HomeWorks app or integrating with a home automation system, you’ll also be able to control your blinds remotely and automate them. For example, you can create a daily schedule so the blinds throughout your home open and close around your routine. This way, you’ll never have to open and close them. They’ll adjust exactly how you like, when you want, without needing to lift a finger.

Malibu Wired is your local Lutron dealer in Beverly Hills, CA. Contact us today if you’d like to start designing and installing your custom window treatments! Our experienced team will help you choose the systems that best suit your needs and taste, install your shades, and assist with any automation.