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Does Sinatra’s “My Way” resonate with you? Do you like the power and flexibility of choice? If you’re also interested in smart home automation, then you might be interested in the rest of this blog.

Some smart home solutions want to give you one way of doing things. Many can only harness their full power with an app on a smart device. Who wants to be tied down to one way of doing things? Control4 is a smart home company that gets it. Control4 is the home automation system that lets you manage your home your way. From touch screens to real buttons to the sound of your voice, the smart home consultants at Malibu Wired will have you directing your Beverly Hills smart home your way – just like Sinatra! It won’t be “California Dreamin’” when you keep reading below – you can do it your way.

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Touch screens are everywhere. From the smartphones in our pockets to the infotainment system in our cars, touch interfaces can present many options for simplified control. Control4’s current OS 3 system makes home automation even simpler, taking its cues from the best smartphone app design to make smart home control simpler than ever. Manage smart lights, locks, and thermostats with easy touch and at-a-glance knowledge of the state of your smart home. Choose music to play on the whole-home audio system with just a few taps. You can do it on your smart device or a dedicated Control4 Touch Screen that can sit on a table or be wall-mounted for convenience.


No matter how pretty the interface is on a screen, sometimes there’s no substitute for the tactile feel of real buttons and switches. Control4’s customizable, backlit wall keypads make it a snap to control lights, motorize window treatments, and even your audio with buttons that can start up several things at once. Set the mood for dinnertime with lights, shades, and music with one touch of a button.

Another time when real buttons come in handy is with AV control. Sometimes a handheld remote control is the easiest way to control volume, item selection, and play/pause with no-look muscle memory. Control4’s Neeo remote gives you the best of all worlds, with real buttons for oft-used AV controls and a touchscreen that gives you access to your other smart home functions like lights, temperature, and more.


Sometimes your hands are occupied, and you need to make something happen. Whether perfecting your pasta sauce or walking in with an armful of delectable food from Eataly, you might want to turn up the lights or start some music. With and your Control4 system, your smart home will respond to your voice. Just say, “Turn up the lights and start Frank Sinatra,” and you’ll be preparing your meal without skipping a beat. And you don’t have to sound like Ol’ Blue Eyes either; your voice will do. is a voice control system expressly designed for home automation. Using advanced artificial intelligence and local processing, it understands context to comprehend what you want to do and where you want to do it. With privacy built in from the start, you’ll also be happy to know that what happens in Beverly Hills stays in Beverly Hills.

Want smart home control your way? The smart home consultants at Malibu Wired are ready to help. Contact us by giving us a call, filling out our online contact form, or chatting with an expert on staff in the pop-up window below to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to working with you!