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Music is a key ingredient in nearly every activity at home. It drives the energy for parties, soothes us in the evening, keeps us focused while working, and eases the monotony of everyday tasks. Such an important tool shouldn’t be bound to one room of the house!

Take high-fidelity music everywhere you go with a whole-house audio system by Control4, which lets you play your favorite tunes in any and every room using just one controller—or even your voice. Below, discover the magic of whole-house audio and the value it can add to your lifestyle in Malibu, CA.

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While the most common way to access and enjoy music is through streaming services, Control4 whole-house audio lets you enjoy any audio source in any room. Connect your turntable, CD player, TV audio, or hard drive with your digital collection and listen to that content anywhere you wish.

Streaming services are built into your Control4 whole-house audio system, so you can easily pull up Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Qobuz, iHeart Radio, and more and choose a playlist, album, or artist to listen to in one or every room—even outside! Control4 organizes all your content and keeps quality pristine.


With so many music sources and rooms to play them in, controlling everything should be simple. Control4 offers a variety of intuitive methods for control to suit your needs and the activity at hand.

Use the Control4 app on your smartphone or dedicated touchscreen to view, select, and play music in any room. See what’s already playing where share it to more spaces in the home, adjust the volume, or switch up the music selection in just a few quick taps.

Integrate voice control platforms like Amazon Alexa or and control your music with a simple verbal command. Tell Josh to play Frank Ocean in the kitchen and on the patio, and your wish will be done. Voice control is perfect for when your hands are full or when your phone is out of reach.

For more tactile control, you can use the sleek Control4 Neeo universal remote in any room to control what you listen to and where. You may also like to incorporate music into wall keypads so that when you walk into a room, a quick tap on the wall adjusts the lights and starts a playlist, too.


You don’t have to be an audiophile to demand great-sounding music. Control4 ensures your music always sounds great by combatting low-quality, lifeless sound through studio-quality equipment. All of Control4’s home audio products retain the beauty and artistic quality of the original music.

In fact, Control4 supports high-resolution audio formats, including Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) tracks. Wring out all the details from hi-res streaming services like Tidal and Qobuz. Control4 believes you shouldn’t have to sacrifice audio quality when at home. And now you don’t have to!


One of the beautiful features of a whole-house audio system is the ability to blanket every room with full, evenly dispersed music that’s heard and felt but not seen. Whole-house audio doesn’t have to hinder your home décor. Speakers can live in walls and ceilings, blending with their surfaces.

We work with many class-leading architectural speaker brands, like Meridian Audio, Triad, and Sonance, to design expansive indoor and outdoor audio systems that offer high-performance sound in a small footprint. Flush-mount grilles can be painted or covered over to match the colors of your walls, or we can even install speakers entirely behind your surfaces for zero visual footprints.

Elevate the way you enjoy music at home with Control4 whole-house audio. To start your project, contact Malibu Wired here or just send us a message in the chat box below! We’d love to hear from you.