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Here in Bel Air, with so many people in the film industry, home theaters must be a cut above the norm. Even if you are not in the industry, Los Angeles has a heightened appreciation of quality when watching movies. How many cities have theaters like the TCL (Grauman’s) Chinese Theatre, the ArcLight Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, and the Fox Theater in Westwood Village? When bringing the cinema home, you want the same magical experience.

If you are thinking about adding or upgrading a theater in your Bel Air home, you want a true home theater company as your professional partner – one that will meet your exacting standards. Read on to learn more about how home theater companies work with you to build your dream media space.

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It all starts with your vision of what your theater should be. Is it a sleek, modern space? Do you want to recreate the elegance of the movie palaces of old like the Orpheum and Palace? Or perhaps you want a multipurpose, multimedia space for movies, gaming sports, and fun binge-watching? Based on your desires, we work with you on room design, seating capacity and types, screen and display options, sound system choices, and much more to help you bring the vision to life.


Most people gravitate to thinking about screens and sound systems as they significantly impact the experience. Will the theater be grand for entertaining guests or cozy for mostly family use? What media sources will you want, like streaming, cable, satellite, Blu-ray, or movie servers? What will the seating be like, formal theater or hybrid for multiple uses? What is the physical layout of the room? Will you want a large, immersive sound system for action films, or will you have a more intimate theater that doesn’t need three sets of overhead speakers? All these factors will help us design the theater that fulfills your idea of entertainment.


After consulting with you on your vision, goals, and aspirations for your home theater, we move forward into design. With today’s computer-aided design and virtual reality technologies, it’s easier than ever to see and feel what your theater will look like before anything is built. We also take advantage of working with partners like Meridian Audio to optimize the speaker locations for your theater design so you can have a uniform, engaging listening experience in every seat in your movie house. Other suppliers like projectors and seating vendors also work with us to customize your theater and optimize it for the ultimate cinematic experience in visual, comfort, and more.

Once all the decisions are made, it’s time to build your theater. We manage the project to completion, collaborating with your architect, interior designer, builder, and specialty trades to achieve all design and performance goals. We install all the technology components of the theater, including networking infrastructure, wiring and cabling, projectors, speakers, processors, amplifiers, equipment racks, lighting, control and automation, and much more. Elaborate home theaters involve many details, careful design, and precise execution, all of which are part of our job to manage to fruition.

Are you looking to get started on your dream home theater in Bel Air? The team at Malibu Wired is ready to assist. Contact us by giving us a call, filling out our online contact form, or chatting with an expert on staff in the pop-up window below to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to working with you!