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Your phone, watch, and probably even your TV are considered “smart” devices, created to tailor to your needs and make your life easier. Your Pacific Palisades home should do the same. Smart home technologies offer a variety of benefits, from security to convenience. Using custom technology solutions, you can automate your home’s function for increased control, comfort, and safety. Malibu Wired is your smart home consultant and can create your dream smart home.

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Smart technology can learn your preferences and routines to make your home automated around your schedule and needs. is a home control system that does this while integrating privacy-protected voice control. is voice and touch-controlled, so you can speak to Josh naturally to direct it to do things such as play a Spotify playlist or open your windows. Josh will slowly integrate into your environment and learn your routine through these voice commands. Eventually, it will learn to do things such as turn your lights off when you go to sleep and turn them back on as you wake up. Technology like not only gives you control over your entire home but makes your homework for you.


Lighting sets the mood for the entire home and is often crucial to human well-being. Humans are naturally tuned to the sun’s changing light patterns, and Ketra by Lutron uses tunable lighting solutions to make home lighting mimic that of the sun for improved health and wellness. Additionally, Ketra lighting solutions are customizable and controllable, so you always have control over your home’s ambiance.

Lutron motorized shades allow you to open and close your shades at the touch of a button. In addition, you can automate them to do functions such as close at night and open in the morning or have them close during the hottest parts of the day.


One of the best features of a smart home is the added security benefits. The safety of your family and home is often the top priority for many homeowners, so adding a security system to your smart home is a great way to achieve peace of mind. Verkada surveillance cameras use smart technology to protect your home and family.

With a Verkada surveillance system, you can access your security cameras from home, work, or the store. You’ll receive instant alerts to suspicious activity, can view live videos, and access videos stored in the cloud. In addition, Verkada works to limit false alarms, using AI technology to recognize faces and cars and heat sensors to track movement.


Control4 is a smart home automation system that integrates all of your smart home technologies into one easy-to-use interface. No need to switch back and forth between platforms and controls. Use Control4 to control all parts of your house seamlessly from your device of choice.

Malibu Wired offers professional, smart home consultation services to Pacific Palisades, CA, homeowners. Contact us today for any questions or project needs.