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If you have invested a lot of time and thought into bringing a certain sense of style into a new project, you’re going to want to make sure that your automated lighting system and its fixtures seamlessly blend in with the same kind of sophistication.

An interior designer knows that changing just one aspect of any room can lead to a dramatic change. The quality of light as well as the window treatments, fixtures, and keypads, if not meticulously chosen, can throw off the whole feel of your space.

With lighting technology from a company like Lutron, you can not only choose fashionable lighting fixtures but you can also install ultramodern keypads that can replace inelegant and clumsy light switches.

Our team in Brentwood, CA, has vast experience helping homeowners, designers and architects alike integrate the latest in Lutron lighting control technology with their already comfortable and stylish interiors.

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Now that technology has come so far, you can choose lighting installations that not only connect with the rest of the home’s technology but also decide on specific designs that complement the ambiance you are looking for.

Instead of installing outdated light switches, we recommend installing Lutron’s Palladiom keypads. These sleek and refined lighting controls can be installed flush to your wall and come in a variety of finishes that include matte, metal, and glass.

Of course, they also offer a vast selection of colors to choose from. You can choose a color that blends in with your walls, or if you want something that pops, you might want to select a steel finish for walls with darker paint.

A great thing about their keypads is that they can be custom-made to your specifications. Once your systems have been connected to the keypads, you can have them engraved to say things like, “lower shades,” “dim lights,” or “eco-temperature.”

These keypads can be used as the primary control solution for all of the home’s light fixtures and motorized shades. Lutron also offers beautifully varied high-end solutions for both of these to ensure each part of the lighting system meets your stylistic standards.


Why settle for boring, unflattering canned lighting in your projects? Ketra lighting fixtures let you embrace tunable lighting. Through elegant Palladiom keypads, your clients can adjust the fixtures’ color temperature to boost their mood or bring out specific features in the home.

Ketra lighting fixtures serve as the ultimate stylistic tools. Choose from traditional downlights with low glare and high output, linear pendants, recessed linear, and track models available in black and white finishes.

All our installations include design services to ensure you have the best lighting for your space and that it is all easily managed from keypads, mobile apps, or dedicated touchpads.


Though not the central point for many, motorized shades are a vital component of any lighting control system. They’ll help manage the natural light in the home to boost energy efficiency, privacy, and comfort. And of course, window treatments are always a vital component of any interior design.

That’s why Lutron directly contradicts the myth that motorized shades are only available in generic roller varieties. Our lighting design experts will advise you on the ideal models, fabrics, and openness factors to achieve your client’s interior design goals.

With Lutron, you can choose from roller shades, sheer shades, honeycomb shades, wood blinds, and drapes. We can color-match the shades to your desired color palette to ensure they’re a natural introduction to the client’s home environment.

If you’re interested in integrating a lighting system into your next project, let our experienced staff at Malibu Wired help you design an automation system that combines luxury and technology. Contact our team here to get started. We would love to hear from you!