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Since the early 2000s, long before the current revolution in smart home automation, Control4 was creating the technology and networks that set the groundwork for integrating all your home’s systems.

Their smart home networks and devices can currently be found in over half a million homes across the planet. Control4 offers a platform that allows you to access all your lighting systems, TVs, whole-home audio systems, home theaters, HVAC systems, and in-home security systems.

There are always updates in today’s home technology, and since Control4 has always been at the forefront of the automation industry, you’ll be sure that your systems will have all the latest innovations. Control4 is compatible with some 35,000 different devices.

Our clients in Malibu, CA have found using Control4’s operating system from a single device, like a tablet, smartphone, or an interface mounted to the wall, has made their busy lives way less complicated.

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One of the biggest reasons to choose a smart automation system like Control4 is to elevate the way you control your home entertainment setup.

Many of us might have multiple remotes to adjust TV screens or audio speakers or have a master remote that’s been programmed to control them all. But using all of these can be inconvenient, especially a master remote which is usually exceedingly complicated to switch between different modes.

Control4 can connect all of these systems into one easy to use interface that you can access on a smartphone, tablet, or even give a verbal command to your smart speaker. By simply pressing one button, all your screens and speakers will automatically be turned on. You can even program your system so a list of favorites appears on the same screen.

You also have the ability to link all your audio speakers and TV screens throughout your entire house as one multi-room audio-video system. In addition, you’ll be able to send music playing from one room to the next or if you’re watching a movie in the living room and decide you want to watch it in the bedroom you can switch screens instantly.


If you decide to incorporate your home’s lighting, security systems, and air conditioning into a smart home automation system, you’ll be able to view and control all these systems on one device with large buttons and easy to read text.

Instead of having to go to each room to see if the lights are on or go to the thermostat to see what the temperature is, you’ll be able to see which lights are on and turn them off and what the temperature is and raise or lower it if you wish. All of this you can do from your smartphone, speaker, or tablet.

If you’re interested in integrating a security system into your home automation, you’ll also be able to see what doors are locked, if your shades are drawn, and whether your garage doors are shut. All from your Control4 home screen.

Contact us today to know more about smart home automation and how it can serve your needs, contact our team of installation experts here to get started. We would love to hear from you!