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Security is not something companies can overlook or neglect. Having a proper security system in place will allow you to monitor activity in and around your business, deter theft and crime, and create a safer workplace for your staff.

A brand that’s leading the way in the security space is Verkada. It’s the brand of choice for many industry experts due to its award-winning software and smart, scalable, and easy-to-use security cameras.

Malibu Wired, your local commercial automation company, is a proud Verkada dealer and can help you incorporate Verkada security cameras in your Beverly Hills, CA, office. Keep reading to find out more about Verkada cameras and software.

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Verkada offers four different series of cameras: Dome, Bullet, Mini, and Fisheye. Each series has its unique features and advantages. For example, the CD61 Dome has ultra HD 4K resolution with a 3x optical zoom. Its Fisheye series captures footage in a dynamic panoramic 180°.

Verkada’s surveillance technology features AI-powered analytics, such as being able to search terms like “people” and “vehicle” when looking through footage. Proactive system alerts will also notify you of relevant and actionable events. If you always want the latest security technology, you can rest easy with Verkada’s automatic system firmware and software updates.

Users can also enjoy a 10-year warranty and unlimited cloud archiving.


Command is Verkada’s web-based platform. With Command, you get centralized management over your cameras — meaning you can view all of them in one easy-to-use platform. Another great perk is cloud-based access control, where you’ll be able to log on wherever you are and monitor real-time activity with a live feed of events. This allows you to see actionable insights and get a complete picture of what’s happening across your sites.


One of the unique features of Verkada security solutions is the VX51 Viewing Station. The VX51 is a device that streams up to 36 camera feeds simultaneously. It offers crisp video playback and customizable layouts, and it’s an excellent option for businesses with critical real-time viewing needs.

Verkada modernizes and simplifies video security. To find out more about Verkada’s security solutions, reach out to our team at Malibu Wired. Automated Surveillance is one of our specialties, and we can’t wait to help you install Verkada technology in your office.