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Ketra, a Lutron company, is known for its smart lighting solutions that can instantly elevate any home. With Ketra’s high-quality, tunable LED lighting, you can illuminate every area of your Beverly Hills space with impressive customization. You’ll also be able to transform your daily routine and special occasions — working, cooking, exercising, entertaining, and more. Most importantly, you’ll be able to recreate natural light indoors to boost your overall wellbeing.

Keep reading to find out how you can experience Ketra lighting in your California home.

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Most of us love the feeling of natural sunlight — it’s something so satisfying yet seemingly hard to mimic. Many light bulbs don’t capture the essence of natural light indoors, but Ketra is here to fix that problem. Their mission is to bring the dynamic power of natural light to the indoors with modern tunable lighting technology.

One of Ketra’s unique features is its ability to change in both intensity and color temperature — something generic white LED bulbs can’t do. With Ketra’s lighting design, users can experience the blue glow of dawn or the golden hues of dusk in the comfort of their own home.

Ketra’s natural lighting positively affects many users’ happiness and wellbeing. Humans have evolved with the natural light of the sun, and our bodies have become accustomed to those conditions. Alternatively, harsh florescent lighting that comes from many generic light bulbs can cause adverse health effects — such as migraines and eye strains.



How can you optimize your Ketra lighting fixtures by incorporating them into a Lutron lighting control system? You can set up your Ketra lights to provide cool, vibrant light in the morning and a warm, soft glow in the evening. If you have specific lighting preferences for different occasions, you can set scenes for those moments.

Want particular lighting in your home office while focusing? You can set that as a scene. If you love hosting dinner parties and want certain lights for entertaining, you can set those preferences as a scene as well. Some of the lighting elements you can customize include brightness, fade time, white light color temperature and vibrancy, and saturated colors.

Here at Malibu Wired, our goal is to create tailored technology systems that elevate your day-to-day lifestyle. We’re a home automation company and passionate about sophisticated technology solutions.

If you want to design and customize a lighting system featuring Ketra in your home, you can count on our team of professionals to help. We’re a certified Lutron installer and can’t wait to work with you. Reach out to us through our contact form today!