How to Enjoy Video Walls in 2023

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Explore the benefits of video walls in your home or business

A video wall started as a commercial video solution, but today, it is also being used extensively in residential spaces. Regardless of where this smart technology is implemented, one thing is for sure: it offers an immersive digital experience. And working with a video wall company can help you attain customized solutions that cover your requirements. 

Read on to discover different ways video walls can be used at your home or commercial property in Los Angeles, CA, in 2023. 



In commercial spaces, your video wall can become the center of attention when you use it to enhance the décor. The high-resolution display can captivate anyone passing by with 3D animations, moving images, and any other digital artwork you can think of. Most of all, since the content is digital and moveable, you can always showcase fresh digital art that keeps customers engaged and contributes to an enhanced experience, particularly in the hospitality business. 

At home, when the video wall isn’t being used to stream video content, you can use it as a piece of artwork. Display your favorite designs on the big screen and enjoy a digital wallpaper that instantly adds a layer of aesthetics. 

Digital Signage 

In commercial spaces, digital signage has become a useful tool in enhancing customer and employee experience. And what could be a better way to maximize the benefits of digital signage than to add a video wall? 

In office spaces, video walls can become useful for room scheduling with interactive touchscreen displays. At the same time, hotels can use these screens to allow guests to make reservations without waiting in long lines.

Video walls are also an excellent way to deliver messages, such as company reminders, promotions, and updates. The best part of all is that it is a one-time investment, allowing you to change the content you display. This makes it much more affordable and effective than conventional means. 

Home Theater

What would home entertainment be without a home theater? The movie-watching experience at your custom home cinema can become much more immersive with video walls. The 4K visuals create an exceptionally bright and vibrant picture that makes everything seem more lifelike, allowing you not just to watch but relive every moment of your favorite movies. 

Once you add a video wall to your home theater design, you’d never want to watch movies any other way!

General Day-to-Day TV Watching

Speaking of home entertainment, besides watching movies, a video wall can also be used to watch TV, making any content you stream more captivating and entertaining. From watching sports and news to your favorite TV shows, your general TV-watching experience will become more fun. You can even watch several programs at once!

Start your new year by working with a video wall company. Choose Malibu Wired to get a customized video wall for your home or office. Call (800) 417-5700 for more details, or book an appointment by filling out a contact form. You can also visit our West Hollywood showroom featuring video walls to experience their benefits firsthand. 

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