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Lutron is a company practically synonymous with lighting systems. The company invented the first solid-state dimmer way back in 1959. Since then, they have expanded into almost every aspect of managing and controlling light for residential and commercial applications. Lutron systems are found from the finest residences in Los Angeles to the New York Times Building in Manhattan.

In residential lighting control, no one offers as many options as Lutron. Lutron systems can start with a few rooms to control all the lights in a Bel Air compound. Lutron lighting control also offers choices in how you can manage your lighting. Read on below to see several ways Lutron makes lighting control easy.

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Lutron keypads not only replace light switches elegantly, but they also add far more powerful and convenient control. The Palladiom line uses stylish designer colors and finishes that complement and elevate any décor, with custom engraving and multicolor backlighting available for at-a-glance control. One button can create a lighting scene for an activity, choreographing your lights, motorized window treatments, temperature, and more to create the perfect ambiance in your space. You can have customized lighting scenes for meal preparation, entertaining, relaxing, or any other activity.


When your hands are occupied, Lutron lets you command your lights by voice. Using popular smart systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, you can turn individual lights on and off or enable any preprogrammed lighting scene. For even more natural and intuitive voice control, your Lutron system can be integrated with voice control, so you only have to say, “Turn on the lights,” and the right ones will come on every time.


Sometimes you just need things to happen without direction. Lutron lighting can be fully automated, and triggered by your needs. You can put your outside lighting on a specific schedule from sunrise to sunset, and lights will intelligently turn on and off at the correct times all year round. If you prefer, the system can sense your arrival home by your smartphone and turn on a welcoming set of lights of your choosing. Lutron also has keypads with sensors that can detect motion in a room, so lights can also be programmed to turn on and off based on occupancy, saving energy and the planet.

Lutron lighting control systems also partner and integrate well with complete home automation solutions. Your lighting can be part of a system that blends climate control, audio and video entertainment, motorized window treatments, pools, spas, fountains, hidden TVs, security systems, and more to create the ultimate luxury ambiance in your home.


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