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Software, you might say, is consuming the world. Software-fueled intelligence is getting infused into almost every product or service you use every day. And security solutions have been no exception.

While most cars today have millions of lines of code running many systems in the vehicle, perhaps no car embodies the software-driven approach as much as Tesla. Tesla autos routinely get updates that deliver entirely new features and can even improve the car’s performance.

In the security world, Verkada security cameras – an innovative solution from California’s Silicon Valley – have taken that software-driven approach to deliver sophisticated features with intuitive operation. Keep reading below to see how this commercial-grade solution can protect your Malibu property.

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Verkada has taken a modern ground-up approach to security and surveillance. A cloud-based software platform eliminates the need for local recorders at home. The cameras employ edge-based intelligence to increase response time and efficiency. Edge-based means that an ample amount of intelligence resides within the camera itself, allowing it local power to encrypt video feeds back to the cloud, utilize sophisticated analytics for detection, and use less bandwidth from the network. The cloud-based architecture also allows for easier health monitoring of cameras, firmware and software updates, and instant decommissioning of a camera should the need arise.


Designed for the needs of commercial applications, Verkada employs state-of-the-art technology to detect situations of interest swiftly. Appearance analytics can identify people and the colors of clothing they are wearing, so if an incident occurs, hours of footage can be quickly searched to find the correct part. Automobile makes and colors can also be searched, making for an invaluable tool in identifying intruders or burglars. Using advanced machine learning techniques, the system improves over time for more accurate identification and tracking, increasing system longevity.


The Verkada system is designed to be as easy to deploy and use as many consumer products. Cameras are plug-and-play; within minutes they are online and ready to keep an eye on your home. For reliable performance in low-bandwidth areas where your network signal isn’t strong, the cameras use internal processing to send only thumbnails and metadata to the cloud for processing, storing footage locally. Only when footage is needed is it streamed to a device, making for a very bandwidth-efficient solution.

Through a central dashboard and standard browsers, Verkada cameras are easy to access and control. View footage from any camera in your system with a single login from your Verkada account. Secure two-factor authentication and other methods ensure that your account is private and safe. Advanced search filters allow you to find events in seconds, and heat maps enable you to see periods of activity quickly. Once found, the footage is easily shared via a live link where the recipient only needs to click to view streamed footage, making it easy to share the footage with family members, household staff, or law enforcement.

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