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Is bathroom lighting important? You’ve likely used many a bathroom at home or a hotel and struggled to see clearly. Poorly lit bathrooms are incredibly annoying and difficult to use. It’s not just the lack of light in some, it’s the overabundance of light in many others.

Bathrooms serve many needs, from places to get ready for the day to luxuriant places to relax and unwind with large tubs and huge showers with massaging jets. Getting bathroom lighting right is an art in which professional residential lighting designers are skilled. Want to know more about how to illuminate bathrooms the right way in your Calabasas, CA, home? Please keep reading.

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Ambient lighting is the functional light needed in any space. In bathrooms, you need to have enough of it when it’s needed and the ability to tone it down for a different atmosphere. Overhead recessed lighting adds the lumens of brightness, while more decorative lights like sconces and cove lighting provide functional and aesthetic layers.

Nothing is worse than a “cold” bathroom light. Designers like to specify warmer light for baths in the 2000 to 3000 Kelvin range. It’s simply more pleasing and sets a calmer ambiance. Sometimes, however, bluer, brighter, “colder” light (above 4000 Kelvin) is useful for focus, simulating daylight for makeup and a little energy. With modern LED tunable lighting, designers can provide dynamic lighting options to suit any purpose in the bath.


Women always notice poor vanity lighting because they struggle with it when fixing hair and makeup. Poorly designed overhead vanity lighting casts shadows that make it harder to see the detail on faces. Designers usually illuminate vanities from the side to eliminate shadows. Backlighting a mirror also adds aesthetic and functional effects.


A great tub can be a highlight of a bath. Designers often add chandeliers as an elegant touch to add a soft glow to a relaxing soak. It draws attention to the tub and creates a spa-like atmosphere at home.


Lighting designers know that a lighting control system helps manage all the bathroom lighting, setting the ideal levels for any use. It allows you to push a button and have all the lights set properly for getting ready in the morning, a calming soak at the end of the day, and night lights to softly illuminate a path for an overnight bathroom run. It brings everything together, creating the ideal illumination for every bath.


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