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Don’t you want an expert when it comes to enhancing your home? For electrical work, you get an electrician. For plumbing, you want a plumber. For your Beverly Hills, CA home, you want a smart home consultant. Don’t settle for anything less than a pro for home automation!

You may find that many people call themselves smart home experts, but you should be careful and do your own research. Here’s what you’ll want to know before hiring a smart home consultant.

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If you are hiring a professional, naturally, you’ll want to know they have the right expertise. One way to know this is by looking at the kind of company they keep. Do they offer the top brands and solutions? Are they authorized dealers for these solutions? Can the smart home consultant do a large-scale project in Beverly Hills?

Malibu Wired works with top smart home solutions like Control4,, Lutron, and more. These are top-tier vendors for smart automation, smart lighting, voice control, and more. All these solutions require a proven level of technical expertise for planning, programming, installation, and support.


Experience counts! You might not hire a builder for your 12,000-square-foot mansion if their largest project to date was a 2000-square-foot remodel. The experience of doing small and large projects is critical, so you know that the smart home consultant won’t be overwhelmed by the scale of a project. They need the right personnel, project management skills, and proven experience with complex jobs. Ask many questions, and gauge how the consultant has worked with many different systems, types of properties, and other professionals like architects, designers, builders, and trades.


Modern smart home technology is highly reliable, but that doesn’t mean everything will always work perfectly 100% of the time, especially with large, complex projects. Trust your project to a company with the staff to promptly, efficiently, and cost-effectively address support needs. If possible, ask about client references, what might need support and maintenance in your project, and how the company handles it. The right smart home consultant will be able to detail their support plans, maintenance plans, support pricing, and what you can expect.

If you are looking for a smart home consultant with the expertise, experience, and staff to design and install the latest smart automation and entertainment systems,  Malibu Wired is ready to help. Contact us by giving us a call, filling out our online contact form, or chatting with an expert on staff in the pop-up window below to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to working with you!