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You may be upgrading to a dream property in Beverly Hills, downsizing to a condo on Wilshire, or perhaps doing an extensive remodel of a beautiful home. No matter the project, you’re likely imagining the window treatments for the spaces. And if you are, you should consider powered options.

Powered window treatments come in many options; you might be surprised by the variety. No matter your objectives, from the aesthetic to the practical, there’s a motorized custom window treatment that will fit your style. Let’s explore four popular options below.


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Drapery styles can go from modern to traditional. In bedrooms, they’re superb for blocking out the California sun for restful sleep. You can motorize them for greater convenience and even automate them to slowly open in the morning to wake you. What could be more convenient? Choose your fabric and style and power it with Lutron drapery tracks.


If you want to filter light when window treatments are drawn, motorized shades are an excellent option. Choose from many fabrics with different opacity for just the right amount of light, depending on the room’s exposure. Want light filtering and full blackout for a media or living room? Use a motorized blackout shade behind the light-filtering shade. Have the best of all worlds with the touch of a button.


In some spaces, hardwood blinds lend a warm look and create beautiful afternoon effects with the streaming sun. Did you know they can be automated too? Not only can you raise and lower them with automation but tilt them to precise angles too. Aside from the convenience, modern wood-look finishes won’t fade or warp with the ever-present California sun.


If you like to be a good steward of the environment, you can choose motorized window treatments that advance the cause. Cellular shade styles trap air between your windows, where there is significant cooling and heating loss. While LA’s temperate climate requires less heating and cooling, these shades are still highly effective for reducing HVAC usage in warmer or cooler parts of a home. Since they’re motorized, they’re always ready to change position automatically!


Your powered custom window treatments have several means of control. Use an app on a smart device, a wall-mounted programmed keypad, a remote control, or even your voice. With a home automation system, you can use all these controls, set schedules, and create custom-programmed settings for further convenience. Create a smarter home with window treatments that synchronize with your lighting, climate control, and entertainment to set the scene for any activity.

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