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A smart home furnishes you with the power to shape your environment to suit your needs and desires. When done right, the intuitive interfaces revamp your spaces into a complete ecosystem, providing the perfect level of comfort and convenience. All these things are possible when you invest in a reliable platform that continues to innovate and won’t let you down or leave you with an unresponsive system.

A lot of Insteon users found this out the hard way in the past week. After going out of business, the company shut off its servers last week—suddenly leaving all its users without the ability to control their systems. If you woke up recently to find your Los Angeles, CA home in the dark, the team at Malibu Wired can get you up and running with expert Insteon replacement products and services.

We’ll help you upgrade your smart home with expert solutions from our partners at Lutron and Control4. Find out what these companies have to offer and why they are a trustworthy alternative!

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When it comes to innovation, reliability, and intuitive interfaces, Control4 tops the list, receiving top grades from industry observers and homeowners just like you. The company was among the first to offer access to customization tools that allow you to create macros, scenes, and personalized responses. Today, Control4 is part of the Snap One ecosystem—one of the biggest and most trusted groups in the AV and automation industries.

Control4’s lighting goes beyond illuminating your way in the dark, setting the mood for dinner, creating ambiance during a party, or responding automatically to your needs. The stylish keypads eliminate the need for multiple switches or dimmers, eliminating distracting ‘wall acne’ and improving the look of your home. Go hands-free with motion sensors, use your voice via popular smart speakers, or integrate with the advanced network.

Retrofit is a snap with options for wired and wireless installation options that fit every room and budget. Whether you are looking to replace just a few dimmers or the entire house, Control4 fits your home.


Lutron is a legendary name in lighting and motorized shades; founded in the 1950s, the company’s core mission is to transform your spaces for better living. Whether optimizing the use of natural light or adding the right accent to your evening, the products elevate every moment.

Light affects more than our ability to see our way in the dark. The color and intensity throughout the day influence focus, vigor, and overall comfort. By acquiring Ketra in 2018, Lutron also brings the ability to match and maximize the use of natural light, keeping you in sync with the day and encouraging better sleep.

Lutron offers a complete line of controls, from sophisticated keypads and automation to integration with Control4. Their patented wireless products set the standard for performance and reliability, working in the busiest RF environments.


A control system should enhance the way you live, work, and play without compromise or concern. Are you ready to replace your existing Insteon system with a more reliable Control4 or Lutron solution? Call us at 800-417-5700 or fill out our contact form to install the best in smart home automation! We look forward to working with you.