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Are you still relying on out-of-date surveillance systems? If you are, you’re not alone. Many businesses are still using older analog Closed-Circuit TV (CCTV) camera systems for basic surveillance. But if you are, you are missing out on much more flexible solutions based on digital technologies and advanced intelligence that can keep your premises safer. AI security camera systems use powerful processing, software upgradability, cloud connectivity, and advanced analytics to give you much more robust security capabilities. Continue reading below to learn more about this smarter security solution.

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Digital video formats make it much easier to transport video information using less bandwidth as they can be compressed for efficient transmission. Digital formats also make it possible to search and analyze captured footage for objects and patterns. Digital security cameras are easier to wire and install since one standard network cable can supply both power and data connectivity to the camera.


Digital camera systems can employ sophisticated encryption that is nearly impossible to crack. As a result, digital video footage can remain secure from the camera to the viewing device. Digital IP-based systems also make it easier to decommission a camera should any physical intrusion be suspected. Analog camera systems are not encrypted and could be subject to physical tampering.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) camera systems employ sophisticated machine learning techniques to recognize people, objects, and activity to provide a more proactive level of security. These capabilities are enabled by higher resolution camera sensors, powerful onboard processing, and additional intelligence from using the scalability of cloud computing. Intelligent analytics can notify security personnel of unusual activity or movement and relieve the stress of constant vigil over a screen.


Using the power of the cloud, AI security camera systems are easier to monitor, manage, and scale. Alerts can be sent to all the right personnel based on their access level. Searching for specific footage of people, colors, or vehicles can happen in seconds. When a video clip needs to be shared, cloud storage enables a simple link to the video that can be sent to any device with an internet browser.

Cloud management makes it simpler to keep the entire system up to date. Camera firmware can be updated remotely as needed to add features or patch any performance issues. If any camera is physically compromised, it can be quickly disabled through the central dashboard. Cloud computing means there are no servers or local storage devices to manage, ensuring robust footage backup and high system availability. With the cloud, central management dashboards are available through standard browsers, eliminating the need for custom workstations. Only a single login with secure two-factor authentication is needed to access a complete set of monitoring and management capabilities.


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