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Malibu Wired is committed to delivering tailored technology solutions that simplify your lifestyle and beautify your interiors. With that mission in mind, we’re thrilled to provide our discerning customers with a revolutionary way to command their smart homes through Ready Wallplates by Lutron!

Lutron and announced this monumental product partnership on August 18, 2021, revealing a first-of-its-kind voice-integrated keypad that combines convenient tactile control of smart home scenes with the power of total home control through natural voice commands.

Below, read more about the exciting Ready Wallplate by Lutron and reach out to our smart home consultants to learn how to bring this solution to your home in Santa Monica, CA.

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On their own, Lutron wall keypads offer an easy way for homeowners to command their lights and shades. One tap can adjust lights and shades anywhere in the home! Plus, custom buttons like “Relax” and “Entertain” activate tailored scenes that transform the atmosphere for the occasion at hand.

Now, you can combine tactile control of your most-used lighting and shading scenes with the flexibility of whole-home voice control through Josh Nano. This first-ever architectural microphone controls even the largest and most complex smart homes through natural voice commands.

COMPLICATED TASKS ARE SIMPLE WITH JOSH.AI makes controlling your home by voice simple. There’s no need to hardcode voice commands or memorize specific phrases for devices and rooms. Just speak naturally, and Josh will understand. The Josh Nano is contextually aware, so it knows what room you’re in and what devices to control. It also understands nicknames for devices and rooms, as well as compound commands.

With just your voice, tell Josh to dim and warm your lights, draw the living room shades halfway, set a timer as you cook in the kitchen, and so much more. Josh seamlessly controls your Ketra tunable lights, Lutron shades, and other home technology, allowing you to easily interact with your surroundings. is also designed with privacy in mind. Unlike with other voice control assistants, your information is never shared or used for marketing purposes. processes all your commands locally rather than sending them to the cloud, offering a more secure and private approach to home voice control. Plus, every Nano has a physical disconnect switch that disables the microphone when you don’t want it on.


The Ready Wallplate is compatible with Lutron’s Palladiom, seeTouch, and Pico keypads and comes in various metal and plastic finishes to suit any interior design. Bringing keypads and voice control together also minimizes your home’s technology footprint to keep eyes on your beautiful décor.

Plus, because Josh Nano is designed to work with and respond through your home sound system, Josh can communicate with you through discreet in-wall and in-ceiling speakers rather than requiring standalone speakers that take up space on your shelves and tabletops.

The Ready Wallplate solution by Lutron will be available this fall! To learn more about this product partnership and how to add these voice-integrated keypads to your home, contact the smart home consultants at Malibu Wired by filling out this form or chatting with us in the message box below.