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Perhaps you’ve found the perfect home in West Hollywood. Unfortunately, interior design is stuck in the 80s, when Spago was the “it” restaurant, and Madonna and Michael ruled the charts. Of course, you’re planning an extensive remodel to bring the home’s style into the 21st century.

Choosing new custom window treatments for your California Spanish Colonial will be an exciting part of the project. Since this isn’t the 80s, you’ll have the option of powered window treatments for the ultimate smart home convenience. But you should plan ahead, as you’ll have more and better options for window treatments as you plan other aspects of your remodel. Keep reading to learn more below!

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With some types of motorized shades and blinds, you have the option to go with battery-powered units. The main advantage is that they require no wiring and are very easy to install. The disadvantage is that depending on your style preferences, not all types can operate on batteries; some will need low-voltage power. So if you are planning a full or extensive remodel, give yourself options and prewire the windows for powered custom window treatments! Then, when you decide on styles later, every option will be open to you – from powered draperies to roller shades to roman shades and everything else.


While battery systems are great for replacing an existing window treatment, they will eventually need replacement. If you have high windows that are hard to reach, you will likely be having someone do that every one to three years. If you wire all your windows for powered treatments initially, you’ll never have to worry about batteries.


Batteries are clean energy, but they contain toxic chemicals. Powered window shades and blinds run on several batteries for each window. Disposing of used batteries, however correctly done, is still not a plus for the environment. What about rechargeable batteries? While that would be more environmentally friendly, motorized window treatment manufacturers don’t recommend them as they lose charge quicker than conventional ones. The truly green option is a wired motorized treatment; it uses very little power with nothing to throw away. For the best results, wire your home for powered window treatments. While you’re at it, you will likely want to add other smart tech like lighting control, whole-home audio, security cameras, and more – so it will cost only marginally more.

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