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High-fidelity audio has gone through several transformations in its long history. The modern era of recorded music was kicked off in 1878 with Thomas Edison’s invention of the phonograph. That scratchy first audio component might not be high-fidelity today, but it was improved on continuously, and vinyl still lives on today as a high-quality format.

But the most important transformation for recorded music was to digital, which started in earnest with the CD. The CD made music more compact, portable, and ultimately transportable. And we all know what has happened since then, with most of the world’s recorded music available with a few taps on a screen through the magic of the internet. It’s safe to say Edison never envisioned that!

Meridian Audio was born in 1977, just before the dawn of the CD era. They’ve always marched to a different beat of the audio drum, investing early in digital technology and pioneering high-resolution digital audio formats, active speakers, and of late, MQA high-resolution audio for internet streaming.

Keep reading to see why our home audio consultants recommend Meridian Audio solutions for state-of-the-art sound in Bel Air, CA homes.

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While active (self-powered) speakers are popular today with systems like Sonos, they were not the rage when Meridian first introduced theirs, nor are they common in today’s hi-fi setups.  The company used its expertise in digital audio to build speakers where the audio travels in pristine, uncompressed form all the way to the speaker, unlike conventional speakers where an amplifier drives the audio signal to the speaker. In analog form, some distortion can be introduced over that run to a speaker, and wire run distances matter.

Nowhere is the company’s expertise in digital and active speakers more visible than with the new DSP 8000 XE. The first product to launch from Meridian’s Extreme Engineering Programme, it brings a digital rethink to hi-fi speaker design. Features like Q-Sync use a unique buffering system to minimize jitter from digital audio transport, and Pro-Active and E3 Bass control tune the bass output to optimal performance with no distortion. Other unique capabilities like True Time and Free-Q adjust the sound in the room to overcome issues with speaker placement, so your room maintains its look while the sound remains optimized. With bold modern styling and beautiful matte or gloss color finishes, the DSP8000 XE makes a statement in listening rooms and home cinemas alike.


The Meridian 210 Streamer is the perfect source device for Meridian speakers. It features wired or Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, and UPnP to play audio from a stored digital music library. More importantly, it also has native MQA decoding capability for compatibility with the latest high-resolution streaming services like Tidal.  The Meridian 210 can be directly connected with Meridian DSP speakers like the DSP 8000 XE for a complete hi-fi solution with the lossless digital signal going straight into the speaker for the ultimate in sound quality. The 210 is also part of the 200 series of Meridian zone controllers, which let you build a complete Meridian whole-home audio system with other Meridian DSP speakers, both standalone and architectural, for a seamless built-in aesthetic.

Are you ready to step up to advanced high-resolution audio with Meridian?  The home audio consultants at Malibu Wired are prepared to help. Contact us by giving us a call, filling out our online contact form, or chatting with an expert on staff in the pop-up window below to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to working with you!