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Much is written about artificial intelligence and machine learning these days. While some seem to warn about robot overlords and humans losing control of the world, the reality is far more positive. For example, do you like how you can look for pictures of your dog on the phone by searching for “dog”? That’s artificial intelligence at work, utilizing the power of advanced computing to identify details in an image to indeed identify a dog rather than a cat, squirrel, or something else. It might seem easy now, but it took many years of advancement in software and computing power to get here.

Besides making it easy to find dog pictures, machine learning has also impacted video surveillance. AI security camera systems offer a new level of smarter, more powerful security for your Westwood, CA home. Keep reading below to learn more about the advantages of AI security cameras.

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AI adds a layer of intelligence so that you can be notified of an incident that actually matters. Cameras can monitor activity in only part of their field of view. For example, if a camera at your Westwood home also overlooks part of a street, it can be trained to only look for activity near your front door and ignore a car that passes by. However, if a vehicle pulls into your driveway, you can get alerted to that. The camera system can also intelligently tag what it sees, so if you want to search for a blue automobile that was detected, you can quickly get to that footage.


Cameras can learn people and even faces. AI cameras can issue alerts only when certain objects are detected. If you only want alerts for people within a certain area, you can set the system only for that. AI camera systems can even identify specific vehicles like UPS and FedEx delivery trucks, so you only track and get alerts for incidents that matter.


Like smartphone apps, AI camera systems leverage the power of the cloud for centralized management, communication, and simplified control. AI camera systems let you quickly take footage from an alert and send a link to share it with family members, your household staff, or the authorities. A secure login to the cloud lets you see a live feed or recorded footage from any camera on your network. Smart cameras don’t need to constantly send footage to the cloud; they can store it locally for added privacy and efficiency, only sending it when an incident happens.

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