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Meridian Audio is a different type of audio company. There are two technology sides to audio, digital and analog. By its physical nature, audio is analog, as sound is produced in sound waves that we hear. For much of recorded audio history, the sound was reproduced by analog methods, whether sourced from vinyl or tape. The CD revolutionized how audio was distributed by doing so in a digital format, and digital technology has now permeated every facet of audio.

Meridian Audio has been at the forefront of technology throughout the digital era. One of those pioneering efforts has been in active speakers, where the speaker does not need external amplification. Meridian does this to ensure that high-resolution digital signals are not compromised by analog conversion; they go straight into the speaker itself. With Meridian’s latest speaker, the DSP8000XE, they’ve established a new standard for speakers in the digital audio area. Read on below to see how the DSP8000XE can redefine the audio experience in your Santa Monica, CA listening room or home theater.

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The Meridian DSP8000XE incorporates everything Meridian has learned over four decades of groundbreaking audio engineering. It is the first product of the company’s Extreme Engineering Programmed, where cutting-edge design and engineering that transcends ordinary conventions are applied to deliver the most natural and lifelike sound possible. At the heart of the DSP8000XE is a design concept called the Precision Sonic Transport, which aims to ensure that the audio signal through the product retains maximum quality and fidelity for the ultimate listening experience.

Several unique technologies and design methodologies have been applied to make the DSP8000XE the ultimate expression of Meridian’s commitment to audio fidelity. Bespoke Signal Mapping utilizes the company’s extensive expertise in digital signal processing to tailor the crossover filters for each driver in the speaker. E3 Bass is a digital filtering technique to enhance the DSP8000XE’s low-frequency response – as low as 18Hz for the most demanding music and soundtracks. Meridian’s Full Frequency Alignment (FFA) uses digital filtering to align the delays of all drivers for the most natural sound delivery to the ear. Free-Q is another unique feature that compensates for acoustic issues from speaker placement, permitting greater flexibility in speaker positioning without compromising sound quality.


All Meridian products feature first-rate build quality. The DSP8000XE has a separate head unit to isolate the tweeter and midrange from the main enclosure. Outer walls are engineered from a layered combination of birch plywood, aluminum, and resin with strong internal bracing for an exceptionally rigid and inert cabinet. The speaker is available in striking black gloss or custom finishes in bold matte or gloss colors.

Are you looking for a speaker that takes full advantage of today’s high-resolution digital audio? Malibu Wired has the amazing DSP8000XE ready to order. Contact us by giving us a call, filling out our online contact form, or chatting with an expert on staff in the pop-up window below to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to working with you!