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We all know that technology never takes a step backward (at least so far), and nowhere is the pace of innovation more evident than in smart home automation. As the recently concluded CES technology summit demonstrated, smart home technology is permeating everything – even smart toilets.

As a premier smart home consultant in the Calabasas and Los Angeles area, we like to stay on top of the latest trends. Smart toilets may be a thing, but we’ve put together the three megatrends that we believe are driving home automation forward in 2022. Please stay with us below!

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Smart security is rapidly progressing thanks to advances in software and hardware. On the software side, artificial intelligence is enabling surveillance solutions to make great leaps forward. Smart cameras can detect colors, people, license plates, vehicle types, and more, making surveillance smarter to avoid false alarms and recognize important activity. On the hardware side, the increased power of chips and camera sensors enables incredibly sharp resolution and camera intelligence locally for faster responses in critical situations. Smart wireless sensors are also smaller, easy to install, and can monitor things like water intrusion, excess heat and humidity, carbon monoxide, and other threats to keep your Calabasas home safer.


Voice control is a great way to manage and trigger smart home functions when hands are occupied. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the power behind voice control, and it improves and learns every year. Every voice platform like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistance gains new functionality and power every year, enabling more smart home functions within those ecosystems. If you prefer a more specialized, private, and local approach to voice control, offers similar technology tailored specifically for home automation. Look for more seamless voice control integration, such as’s Lutron keypad combo and the Nano microphone which virtually hides in a room.


Smart home technology is not all about convenience and luxury; it can play a role in wellness too. Tunable lighting can help improve mood and sleep by better matching lighting with the sun’s natural light. You can expect more solutions with tunable and color-capable lighting for indoor and outdoor applications. And these solutions will become more cost-effective over time, making them appropriate for more budgets. Audio and video will also play a role in increasing wellness. Wall-sized displays and immersive sound can transport people to nature “zen” escapes for relaxation and mindfulness and create energizing home gyms for spurring physical fitness.


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