Calle Vista

Calle Vista Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Envision the future of luxury living at our upcoming project at Calle Vista, Beverly Hills. In collaboration with Jeffrey Eyster from atelier eyster architecture, Cinema Tec, and other distinguished professionals we are in the process of designing an extraordinary home, prioritizing ultimate comfort, convenience, and entertainment. We plan to incorporate complete lighting control, elegant shades, seamless intercom communication, top-notch surveillance, and access control. Homeowners can look forward to an immersive home theater experience, distributed video, and audio systems, and integrated smart home functionalities. With renowned brands like Control4, Lutron, and Bang & Olufsen, our advanced solutions guarantee exceptional quality. Schedule a free consultation today and embark on the journey of transforming your home into a haven of luxury.

A Vision for Luxury Living at CALLE VISTA, BEVERLY HILLS CA

Experience the epitome of luxury living in the most unique and exquisitely finished penthouse in all of Los Angeles. This stunning residence is situated on Hollywood Blvd and offers breathtaking jetliner 360-degree views from the Hollywood sign to downtown and the ocean. And with 1,685 sq. ft. of private outdoor deck space, you can indulge in the ultimate California lifestyle.

In this project, we collaborated with the esteemed White Glove Estates to create a truly remarkable living space that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology. Our goal was to provide our clients with a smart home that exceeds all expectations in terms of convenience, comfort, and security.

The Concept

Imagine a residence that echoes the sublime blend of advanced technology and sophisticated design. This is the vision for the upcoming project at CALLE VISTA, BEVERLY HILLS CA. Although still in its early construction phase, it's destined to redefine the meaning of luxury living. The goal is to offer not just a smart home but a harmonious lifestyle experience.

Incomparable Features and Systems

In this project, the integration of brands such as Control4, Araknis, Lutron, Voice Control, Verkada, and others ensure a modern, advanced, and customized living experience. The homeowner will have full control over the lighting, shades, intercom, surveillance, and home theater systems.

The centralized and wireless Lutron Lighting Control, including Lutron Palladiom keypads and occupancy sensors, creates a living space that harmonizes with personal preferences and natural rhythms. Lutron's Ketra human-centric natural light systems promise to enhance the ambiance and wellbeing. Alongside, wired Lutron draperies and roller shades ensure privacy, comfort, and the desired aesthetic appeal.

Revolutionary Communication and Security Systems

Intercom communication is revolutionized through the Control4 DoorStation and Control4 Chime, enabling fluid and convenient interaction. Simultaneously, the advanced Luma surveillance system offers robust security and peace of mind.

Unmatched Entertainment Experience

The home theater in this project showcases a Dolby Atmos surround sound system and a 200" projector screen equipped with a Barco projector. This results in an immersive cinematic experience, right within the confines of the home.

Video and audio distribution extend throughout the home, with a 16x16 Video Distribution System that includes a motorized TV lift and a 32-zone Audio Distribution System, featuring landscape audio systems and invisible speakers. To top it off, exquisite Bang & Olufsen speakers deliver unrivaled audio quality, turning every moment into a symphony of sounds.

Complete Smart Home Integration

The project aims for seamless smart home integration, providing control over the HVAC, gate, voice control, sliding door, door locks, pool, and security system, all from a central point. In essence, the homeowner will be able to orchestrate their entire home environment with the ease of a touch or voice command.

Industry-Leading Collaboration

The collaboration with award-winning design architect Jeffrey Eyster from atelier eyster architecture and Cinema Tech, the industry leader in bespoke home theaters, ensures a unique blend of artistic vision and advanced technology.

Experience Luxury Living Redefined

Once complete, CALLE VISTA HOME will offer an elevated standard of living to homeowners in Beverly Hills, CA. The unmatched integration of advanced systems and solutions provided in this project will allow homeowners to experience luxury and convenience in a way they never imagined.

To embark on this transformative journey, schedule a free consultation. Discover a future where every moment in your home is tailored to your preferences, and your living space becomes a sanctuary of luxury and comfort.




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