Correa Way

1741 Correa Way, Brentwood

For this remarkable project, our primary objective was to develop a system that's both intuitive and effortless for the homeowner to use. Our ambition was to harmoniously blend top-tier engineering with aesthetic elegance to craft a truly unique experience.

The Pride of Brentwood, Los Angeles

Step into the Correa Way Residence. This Brentwood gem speaks volumes about modern luxury living. It seamlessly ties together indoor and outdoor living across a grand 12,000 sq ft expanse, offering unmatched cityscape and Pacific Ocean views. Our mission? Design with meticulous care and fuse the cutting-edge Control4 home automation system into every detail.

Lutron: Mastering Natural Light Control

The property's vast glass architecture draws your attention. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with natural light and present stunning views. But, managing light, temperature, and privacy can be tricky in such a setting. That's where our luxury smart home system installation expertise shines.

Lutron Centralized Lighting and Shades: The Magic Touch

We've integrated the Lutron centralized lighting system and motorized shades into this home, balancing practicality with aesthetics. These shades are known for their silent operation, combining elegance and function at their best.

Tailored Window Treatments for Unparalleled Comfort

We took a bespoke approach with the Correa Way Residence. Different window treatments were chosen for different rooms. Take the master suite, for example, equipped with motorized draperies for ultimate privacy. Common areas like the family room and dining room got roller shades. This way, we control sunlight and temperature while retaining stunning views.

Marrying Aesthetics with Lutron Homeworks and Palladiom Keypads

To enhance the property's rich art pieces and overall design, we opted for the Lutron Homeworks centralized system with sleek Palladium keypads. This ensures the technology complements the interior design or stays discreetly hidden.

Control Your Fingertips with Control4 Home Automation System

The Control4 home automation system brings all house technology under one intuitive interface. Homeowners can customize their environment, controlling everything from shades and lights to the HVAC system, sliding doors, pool, and security system.

Carving Out the Luxury Smart Home Lifestyle

Luxury smart home automation is not just technology integration; it's about crafting a lifestyle. It creates an ambiance of efficiency, comfort, and undeniable luxury. With Control4, we turn everyday living into a personalized, unique experience.

Malibu Wired: Your Partner in Luxury Home Automation

At Malibu Wired, we elevate residences into smart homes with our top-tier services. Serving clients in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and Los Angeles, we encourage you to unlock the unlimited potential of luxury smart home technology with us today.




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